Rebecca Bloom


Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a powerful, universal healing energy applied by the ‘laying of hands’ and seeks to restore balance and flow in your energy field. It promotes healing by easily removing spiritual and emotional toxins that can block or restrict your energy or ‘Prana’ and create more well-being.

Tarot Readings

My readings serve to restore balance with a deep and positive perspective and help you connect with your higher self. Readings restore harmony to your life and renew your energy with the inspirational feeling of clarity and knowing.

Tarot Classes 

Would you like to learn the Tarot? I facilitate classes on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7:00 – 9:30PM. Beginners, as well as adepts, are welcome, group discussion is encouraged, RSVP required. You’ll need a Tarot journal and a willingness to learn.

Card of the Week

The Aces in the Tarot represent potential for powerful new starts and with the Ace of Wands we see the beginnings of self-realization and discovery with an eye toward actualization.

In terms of Jungian philosophy Individuation that leads to self-actualization is the process of integrating the conscious and unconscious to create a better-functioning ‘whole’ individual self. In Buddhist terms this is finding out who we are by finding who we’re not. Spiritually, it’s the tension created by the meeting of opposites. When done well and seen in the most positive of ways we become aware of self as different from the collective or group.

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Contact Me

          Phone:    412.310.0400

              Email:  Rebecca@readingswithrebecca.com

Contact Me

Phone:    412.310.0400

Email: Rebecca@readingswithrebecca.com