10 of Cups – The Herbal Tarot


The 10 of Cups is a card of fulfillment, happiness, gratitude, blessings and overall positive energy. Lasting success is indicated here in both relationships as well as career and business. I get a ‘whistle while you work’ vibe with this card. It’s that wonderful feeling of being relaxed and confident as your new found sense of security shines through. It’s as if we’re finally resting on our own cloud and don’t need to tell anyone to step off! Thank you, Rolling Stones.

The 10 of Cups is a good omen for moving to a new home or location for your business if that’s something that interests you. You could also be making positive changes to the space you’re in if you have no plans of stepping into the new. Feng Shui anyone?

In relationships, you just might find yourself connecting with someone special, someone who feels just right. Goldilocks and the Three Bears comes to mind. After searching for some time that feeling of true comfort might just roll right up and say ‘Hey’. If it wasn’t so natural and so right, it might just take you by surprise.

Here we find the fire of Mars spending time in watery Pisces. If applied correctly, its definition is literally ‘the determination to take your dreams and make them a reality’. To create something strong and true and of lasting value in life is a tremendous accomplishment. It’s a task truly worthy of two greats potentially going great together.

Because in this deck we’re working with herbs, here we find Marijuana. Although too much for to long can cause some serious problems this happy-home maker has some wonderful healing qualities. Not the supped-up junk some creepy crawler’s are peddling, I mean the real stuff. It’s been known to decrease anxiety, treat glaucoma, epileptic seizures, Dravet’s Syndrome, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, ease the pain of MS, treat IBS, help arthritis pain, improve symptoms of Lupus and helps those suffering from PTSD. Gotta love what this power-packed natural treat brings to the table. Sometimes literally.

The shadow side of the 10 of Cups is a little disconcerting. Here we can run off with idealizing everything and everyone. Perfectionism can take true and real fulfillment and flush it down the lieu in no time flat. If you’re looking for perfect instead of real you’ll always be disappointed. This is also the dangerous ‘Everything’s Fine’ that comes after the Valium and a martini or two or three. For twenty years. Then you wonder what happened to the marriage. HHHHMMMM.

So this week looks a little like finding your purpose and feeling content with it. Moving to a new space where you can finally express the home that resides within or maybe improving the one you already inhabit. If it’s relationship you’re looking for go with what feels right not what looks good. Although, heck you might just get both with this energy. If it’s determination you seek you’ll find it in spades and healing could possibly come in a non-traditional package. Keep an eye out for glossing things over, becoming complacent and mistaking fantasy for reality and you should be just fine.

Have a great week.