The best way to work with a reversed card is to study it in it’s upright position for a few minutes. When you feel you have a grasp on the overall energy of the card go ahead and reverse it. Let yourself follow where you’re drawn to be it a color, symbol or number and work with that meaning. After you’ve been working with the cards in this way for a while interpretations will come easily and make more sense then memorizing definitions from a book. Reading books on the Tarot is something I highly recommended but applying your personal meaning is what brings accuracy, life and authenticity to a reading. That’s how you own it and make it yours.

The 2 of Cups reversed frequently represents the emotional blocks we carry and can reveal what the cause of those blocks are. These are usually difficult situations to deal with and will require time and patience to fully heal. Some of the definitions are betrayal, loss of a loved one, grief, abandonment, unwillingness to commit or to choose one lover, infidelity and unbalanced relationships: such as choosing a person you are not energetically in alignment with and trying to force it to work (family, friend, business or romance).

This is termed a ‘Soulmate’ card meaning you may have had or do have a powerful connection spiritually with this person and if it’s not handled properly can turn out to be quite painful. For everyone involved.

The overall message with the 2 of Cups reversed is that patience is required because more healing needs to happen and if done right it might take a while but our capacity to love will be much greater and more fulfilling. If action is taken to soon the lack of balance will cause misunderstandings, complications and do more harm than good. There’s some pain to be faced, accepted and released before we’re able to move toward that which we want. It’s okay, go ahead and take a minute. If something is truly yours you can’t lose it. It’s a lesson in patience and a knowing that your worth waiting for so be true to you while maintaining a light connection. This pertains to physical healing as well. It’s best to take the time now then to push forward only to run into more complications down the road. To much action without being balanced with wisdom and self-integrity can put the cart before the horse and derail the train.

Compassion, understanding and kindness go a long way here and are usually appreciated as well as returned ten-fold in future endeavors.

So this week let’s strive to heal some deeper wounds that need tending to and leave no stone unturned. Balance is the way of the Universe so accept some help from the cosmos as well as loved ones. Remember to let Goddess and God, Mother and Father and all that is good into your heart, mind and soul. Then allow the rest to take it’s natural course. When we do we’ll head right into what it is that we want and it will be very Blessed indeed.

Have a great week.