6 of Swords (R) – Rider Waite Smith


Astro Sign: Aquarius


Chakra: Brow/Third Eye


Medicinal Herb: Vervain


ArchAngel: Michael


Crystals & Stones: Apache Tear, Azurite, Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Danburite, Mookaite Jasper, Morganite, Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Ruby,


The 6 of Swords reversed can mean that we’re resisting that which is in our own best interest and not listening to the guidance offered from our higher selves, spirit and guides. I view the person on the back of the boat as those who are trying to help us move forward by guiding and directing situations that will deliver us to our new destination in the easiest way possible. If this is the case and your shaking off messages, please don’t. Listening to what’s being said and doing your best to make it happen, may surprise you in ways you hadn’t imagined and add some pleasant experiences to your life.

Often times the 6 of Swords means that traveling, taking some down time or actively grieving and in many cases actually retreating from the busy-ness of life, is in order. Reversed can mean that we’re struggling to find the time or the means to do so or that we’re just plain making excuses as to why we can’t or don’t want to. It could also mean that it’s not the right time.

This is also a card of alchemy, the blending of intellect and intuition by focusing your mind and thoughts on the deeper longings revealed by inner wisdom. Reversed, maybe we find that we’re struggling to align our thinking with our knowing and therefore finding the path we’re on a bit rockier than we imagined. Is it time to make some lifestyle changes? Do you want to quite smoking? Is it time to improve your diet? Are you in need of some fresh air? If you are then you’ll see the 6 of Swords reversed.

The number 6 represents balance and the suit of swords in the Tarot represents thoughts, mind and intellect. By balancing our thoughts and aligning them with our ultimate goals and ideals we’re able to flow forward easily and effortlessly. If we’re allowing ourselves to be distracted and resisting new directions we can feel ungrounded, adrift, rudderless and overwhelmed.

Freedom often comes when we allow ourselves to go with flow. Aligning our sails with winds that are blowing in the right direction is always the way to go. When this card is reversed we may be wiser to take down the sails and wait a bit. The winds of change will blow in our direction and once again we’ll be moving toward the new and higher goals.

Have a great week.