Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. – Buddha


Astro Sign: Virgo

Chakra: Crown/Sahasrara

Medicinal Herb: Licorice

ArchAngel: Metatron


Crystals & Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Clear Quartz, Kyanite, Labradorite, Moonstone & Turquoise.


The Hermit card is a card of reflection, introspection, meditation, withdrawal, wisdom, honesty, completion, finding your inner light and sharing that with the world.

When you see the Hermit it’s a signal to go within and reflect getting in touch with your inner light and then sharing that with the world. That’s what the lantern represents in most Hermit cards and when we find it we share it with the world. In most cases it’s not a glaringly bright light although depending on the card it can be quite fiery.

High up on the mountaintop, where you’ll frequently find the Hermit, is a majestic, soulful and awe-inspiring space. Meditation with the Hermit is magnificent and you’re sure to return a changed person. More insightful, calm and peaceful. If you’re patient you’ll begin to hear your inner voice or maybe you’ll feel it. Knowing is a common theme when we’re immersed in the lofty energies of this magical creature. Often, this is where we’ll discover an inner muse or become aware of talents or gifts that are ready to be brought to the fore.

If you pull the Hermit card for a relationship situation it means that some quality time with yourself is in order. Get right with yourself and decide on what it is that your wanting from the relationship and if in fact that’s what it has to offer. People frequently are ready to merge and become coupled after a good, solid Hermit period. When asking about work scenarios you might employ wisdom, simple honesty and a few powerful words but not much more. If your not working and wish to be, the Hermit says that patience is required but that the right job for you will come after a period of down time, integration of and release from the past. With finances it’s a good time to be practical and resourceful and if you are you’ll find that you have more than enough to get you through.

Philosophical pursuits are a favorite for our Hermit. Flying above the clouds to the land of higher thought is a kin to super intelligent daydreaming. This takes place on higher energetic realms, the place in the cosmos where we meet with our higher selves, guides, angels and energies that are wise and true and offer up soul stirring conversation, leading edge thought and sage advice. Part meditation, part imagination and part channeling.

The kind of honesty found in the realm of the Hermit is kind, strong, just and hearty. It’s not brutal honesty it’s the honesty that comes from someone asking you a good question and finding the answer gently on your own. The Hermit is a wise guide, mentor and teacher and a wonderful energy to bestow upon humanity. It’s a gift that truly does keep on giving in the most wonderful of ways.

The wisdom found in the Hermit is rare indeed. It’s the cure that’s taken for the cruelty found in the 9 of Swords, it heals the horrendous pain of the 3 of Swords, it uplifts the despair and sadness of the 5 of cups and helps us find the courage to face the abuse of Strength reversed. This is where we meet goddess and god, it’s a time for understanding and forgiveness and it’s the pivotal point where we finally, finally get a goods night sleep. When you wake up after a visit with the Hermit you wonder why you feel so good…then you realize. You realize you are love, you are strong, you are kind, you know your purpose and that you are supported. You realize that you’re uniquely you, that you belong with you and that all of your life experiences have brought you to this very moment in life. You’re all that you’re supposed to be and only becoming more. You realize that your best self is within you and that what’s ahead of you is the glorious, challenging, exciting process of bringing ALL of that to life.

You realize, you just realize.


Have a great week.