Traditionally, the 4 of Pentacles is card of hoarding, possessing, holding on and a deep-seated desire for security. It has it’s positive and negative qualities just as anything else does. If we’re keeping ourselves in a small space because we remain in fear of the world then this would be a down side to this particular energy. If however we have worked long and hard to provide a steady income or a usable platform and are in need of respite then this is a positive quality. Strong boundaries and solid routines can bring a return to health if one has been overwhelmed or over stimulated.

The Connolly rendition shows a more active person than the average 4 of Pentacles. Here we see a person sizing up his pentacles probably figuring out the best use for them. Resourcefulness is a very strong factor to consider when we see this card. So are good investments with low risk. Here the man seems to be practicing as if he’ll be attending a disk throwing contest. Maybe he’s practicing his projectile ratio. Either way his feet are solidly planted on very strong ground which seems to be on a raised balcony away from the crowd.

The number four is one of stability, endurance, timeliness, organization and discipline. It represents the stage that appears after planning and that’s one of building which requires, at times, a systematic approach to work, career, socializing and life in general. This is where we create the proverbial box that in the number 5 we break ourselves out of.

In relationships you could be seeing yourself involved in a happy routine with your beloved and working to continue the flow that’s already created. If single it looks as if you’re content doing what you do and when the time is right you’ll be finding something comforting and worth working toward.

In work and career this is a good sign that you’ve built the first strong platform and you’re on solid ground. Continuing to focus on bringing forth your best will have you keeping your edge and challenging you in ways that keep you alert and on top of your game. I’m always struck by the vibrant colors yet their subtle effect in the Connolly deck. They don’t overwhelm or attempt to compete with the energy of the cards as much as they do compliment and uplift adding a lovely otherworldly feel.

I view the 4 of Pentacles this week as spending time honing our crafts and skills within the comfort of the known and temporarily foregoing the grander adventures we’ll be enjoying. There’s an active quality as well as responsible and creative that has me enjoying this version of the 4 of Pentacles more than I do most others. Maybe it’s main theme this week will be appreciating and enjoying what we already have while keeping an ever curious and open eye toward that which we’re becoming.

Have a great week.