The 8 of Wands is a card of activity, speed and messages coming in quickly. Look for a change of events to occur usually within a few days if not within a few hours. Opportunities could arise fast and furious and you’ll want to act on them quickly. Yeah, you’ll have lots of irons in the fire and there’ll be a lot going on. Not only are you up for the tasks but there’s potential for you to truly love every minute of it.

As I look at this card I keep thinking ‘smooth sailing’ from here. Last week we had the King of Pentacles archetype which is about getting to work and this looks like good results coming in due to that and of course previous efforts. Remember that was the ‘builder’ energy and its job is to create good platforms and then go.

In relationships Waite calls the 8 of Wands the ‘arrows of love’ meaning love and romance may come in fast, possibly sweeping you off your feet. If you’re as busy as this card represents the challenge will be to focus and not allow yourself to be distracted. Good luck with that!

In work and career this is great news! Offers come in fast and work takes on a lively and interesting pace. New places and new faces peak your interest and curiosity and new doors open quickly. This is definitely a card of fast growth and expansion. It’s like spirit opens the floodgates and everything comes rushing in. Haha. Just the way I like it and I hope you do to. Feels like a rush of love.

In regards to the healing of Karma the 8 of Wands says nothing but job well done. It feels like an overnight healing but in truth it’s been a long time in the works and crossing that threshold of awareness never felt so good. There’s been a tremendous amount of work done to heal olds wounds, clear out the demons and now you discover the true rewards of the Spiritual path.

The energy of the 8 of Wands is fast, upbeat, direct and hits the mark every time. Expansion and fun-loving, forward movement is the name of the game. Align yourself with the higher forces of your world and ride the wave. You’re heading right toward where you’d like to go and it looks like you arrive with nothing short of God-Speed.

Have a Great Week.