The 9 of Swords (Rx) has some great but tough definitions. It can mean that a challenging period is on the mend, an old cycle is ending and we’re waking up from the nightmare. Giving up on self-attack or as it’s called in the Thoth deck ‘Self-Cruelty’ is a most wonderful state of affairs. Self-care, relaxation and Reiki help and creative projects and re-committing to your spiritual path bring the greatest of rewards and cathartic healings that can purge anguish from our being.

That being said if we go a bit deeper here we realize that like Saturn in astrology depression, loss of the familiar, guilt, self-attack and darkness don’t exit without leaving some deeply satisfying parting gifts. As we’re coming up and out of the darkness, which we are, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned from our shadowy sides.

If we view shadow and darkness as a necessary part of life, without romanticizing it, we begin to notice that it deepens us in ways only recognizable to the Soul at first. Darkness challenges our superficial black and white views about life and creates a constant state of grey. Betrayal cultivates a steadfast commitment to ones-self. Grief when done thoroughly summons true and powerful compassion. Depression gives way to acknowledgement of hurt and pain that’s lived beneath anger and rage maybe for lifetimes. At the end it offers a clean slate or a new lease on life.

With the 9 of Swords Rx please don’t run away or avoid these spaces as it’s here we begin to realize that there’s more inside of us than meets the eye. We learn that it’s not about living life perfectly but living life authentically. Here our truth can bubble to the surface and erode self-doubt, guilt and self-attack. There’s a natural tendency to want to make a person that’s hurting feel better. But is that really the wisest approach? Are we robbing them of a womb-like state that leads to the frequently painful yet fruitful process of birthing a new sense of self, a new identity in fact?

Maybe it’s better to be present with them and their pain, as the gift of friendship is most precious indeed and very necessary. Ask anyone who’s suffered grief, depression and the loss of all familiar structures, they’ll share with you it’s complexity’s and challenges, its depth and reality. And most importantly the awareness that grief is not lifted by something outside of us but rather by a shifting from within.

Grief carries in it’s belly a seemingly never-ending suffering and an emptiness that’s beyond compare. It creates a kind of lethargic meaninglessness to life that leaves one feeling rudderless upon a stormy sea or parched in an endless desert with no oasis in sight. It’s in this place that we truly meet the Divine. It’s when we’re at our darkest, ugliest, most frightened, fragile, broken down place is where we find our true home, some call it surrender. Not to the ugliness of the world but to the beauty of what’s sacred and divine and real and true. Intuitive awareness blossoms and is strengthened as we lovingly surrender to our true selves, our fates and our beingness.

So yes there are cold periods in life and sometimes we’re required to walk that path alone. These times and situations are what forge our character, deepen our courage, make us stronger and allow us to mine the pure gold of our soul. It’s part of the path of Individuation, of truly becoming all that we can be. If it seems that tasks are overwhelming keep seeking and adding consciousness as things will improve.

We can turn the anxiety that’s common with 9 of Swords Rx into creative, wonderful, soulful works of art. Mold with it, create with it but please don’t abandon it. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the zone, or the flow of all that is and focusing on feeling better.

See the Footprints in the background? Yes when there’s only one set of footprints is when we’re being carried. So go ahead and unleash all of that tremendous, heartfelt and juicy gratitude toward the Divine. God IS present, especially during the darkest of times. Trust that you’re being guided, supported and seen and you haven’t been forgotten.

This week continue on your journey knowing that you have all the tools, resources and acuity to pursue your purpose and meet your destiny. There will be ups and downs, ins and outs and if viewed appropriately it will be a most fantastic journey of self-discovery, adventure and success.


Have a great week.