Are you feeling the Drum?? I am! Again!


Last week we were escorted into the deeper other world with some easy and steady rhythmic drumming.The drum is a powerful tool when it comes to creating a safe and fun environment for altered meditative states. It was a wonderful experience so we decided to continue working with it to see where it would take us next. I’m excited to share the healing brought forth by this most interesting tool.

In the meditation we’ll  be working with Buffalo totem and exploring the path that is unique to us. The Buffalo is a totem representing abundance, groundedness, exploration of new paths, trailblazing, honoring the path we’re on and connecting with our Divinity in order to create our lives in the way best suited to ourselves. When I see Buffalo totem I reorient myself and inwardly ask if I’m ‘Living it Right’. This refers to living life in accordance with your highest values and taking up every opportunity to survive yes, but also to allow for deeper awareness and meaning to add value to mundane world. Buffalo is a very auspicious sign when it comes to having the means to survive but it also invites us to develop our otherworldly senses as a way of doing so. Buffalo dig through snow and debris with their forehead to get to the underlying grass that provides much needed nourishment during the winter months which reminds us of the necessity for self care.

The drum, also known as the heartbeat of the earth, helps us ground in comfort while allowing the crown to open to heavens, creating a harmonious and expansive flow between worlds.

Meditation is known for it’s relaxing as well as stimulating qualities. It helps ease stress and tension and therefore overall health and well-being. It’s also the best-known tool for intuitive development, connecting with self, loved ones and guides.

We’ll be working with singing bowls and essential oils as always and please feel free to bring anything you’d like to share. Let’s look forward to a wonderful evening of fun, relaxation, meditation and healing. Hope you can join us!


Cost: $10.00


Time: 7:00PM


Let me know if you can make it!

$10 and RSVP is required. Just reply to the email or call 412.310.0400