7 of Swords  Reversed  – Robin Wood Tarot


Astro Sign: Aquarius


Chakra: All


Medicinal Herb: Wood Betony


Archangel: Haniel (Joy)


Crystals & Stones: Azurite, Citrine, Diamond, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite, Topaz


The 7 of Swords can be a tricky card to work with. It’s best to be careful about interpretations with this one, spend some extra time exploring it if it comes up in a reading. The traditional meanings for the 7 of swords are theft, infidelity, sneaking around, avoidance and sitting on the fence. Yeah, well that’s the not so nice aspect of life. We’ve all felt ripped off, unseen, avoided and indecisive and most of us either have been ‘stepped out’ on or have ‘stepped out’ on someone else. So the low down and dirty of the 7 of Swords can truly be ‘low down and dirty’! Now let’s get to the other definitions of this card.


The 7 of Swords can also be a powerful card of independence and doing what needs to be done, not so much announcing it to the world just doing it. You can quietly go about your business in order to let sleeping dogs lie. That’s okay as an occasional tactic but it’s better when it’s reversed which is about confronting situations that need to be dealt with.


A great definition of this card reversed is making decisions, deciding where you stand and confronting that which needs confronting. This is literally getting off the fence and choosing a direction. Fence sitting is uncomfortable and can be down right painful if done for to long so you might feel relief here. Maybe you choose a direction because something else has finally shown itself or your true options become clear. You get the information you need and you act on it. You may choose a direction because you know which way you DON’T want to go or which camp you DON’T want to be involved with.


The number 7 is related to The Chariot card in the Tarot, which refers to the ability to stay in the driver’s seat of your life. Usually pulled by white and black fiery steeds it can be a challenge to keep The Chariot moving forward when different sides of self are moving in opposite directions. It’s best to wait until all parts of self are on board before hitting the gas. That way we don’t feel ‘torn’ or ‘ripped off’’.


The 7 of Swords reversed can also mean that you’re working through patterns of avoidance and running. We’ve all heard the term ‘runner’ or ‘sleeper’ in relationships and this refers to someone who runs from intimacy and avoids deeper parts of themselves because it’s too painful or complicated or messy to confront them. Because I views things from the internal world first this would mean learning to compassionately confront ourselves with constructive criticism. It means allowing ourselves to feel pain in order to the release the past and make choices that allow for healthier habits and better well-being. Maybe we’re confronting our shadow sides, those darker parts that we’re afraid or maybe didn’t want to admit exist. Go easy here, it’s best to befriend them not make them your enemy.


Overall the 7 of Swords reversed is a positive sign that decisions are being made, we’re taking action toward the high road and we’re loving ourselves enough to look at and work with inner spaces (and outer) that need our attention. This is all a part of unearthing greater aspects of ourselves and delving even deeper into the great mysteries of life.


Have a great week.