The Magician – Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee and Kipling West


Astro Sign: Ruled by the Planet Mercury

Chakra: Crown

Medicinal Herb: Astragalus

Archangel: Metatron

Crystals & Stones: Amazonite, Aventurine, Celestite, Labradorite, Lemon Chrysoprase, Kyanite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz


At first glance this Magician looks like you’re typical stage presence magician creating illusions meant to entertain but if you look a little closer he has all the tools and energetic symbolism of a true Magi. The Magician overall represents new starts, fresh beginnings and symbolizes that the magic is present to manifest your dreams into reality.

The Magician is frequently seen with one hand pointing upward toward the heavens and one hand toward the earth. This shows the potential to access some powerful life giving energy to apply to our current situation. Breath-work is a great example of the qualities of the Magician. By introducing more oxygen to our brain and blood our entire system is energized and vibrates at a higher level. Bringing Reiki (universal healing energy) through ourselves and sharing it with the world is also an excellent way to take up our Magician.

The Magician is ruled by the planet Mercury which represents communication of all kinds. The strong suit here is creativity so maybe it’s time we got a little more creative with our communication styles. Another key to working with the Magician is accessing and expressing your own personal Magic. We are co-creators in this beautiful, physical world meaning we’re not in this alone. We have friends both seen and unseen and they add special qualities to our beings, they enhance our influence through diversity, collaboration and interaction. Mixing and matching different techniques invites a fresh and invigorating energy flow into any repetitive situation.

The Magician’s energy brings clarity and fun into our lives in a way that’s unexpected yet uplifting. It shifts us out of resistance and into inspired action with a flip of the hand and a smile. It let’s us know we can do anything we want to do with some perseverance, ingenuity and a touch of flamboyance. It’s both shy and outgoing, clever and innocent and open yet active.

Working with the Magician this week, let’s honor our own unique magic and charm as we experiment with new ways of perceiving the world and therefore implementing new ideas that carry us closer to our well-being and fulfillment. Here we begin the journey of accepting what’s been fated and taking yet another step on the path to creating our highest destiny.

Have a great week.