8 of Swords (Rx) – Ancestral Path Tarot: Tracey Hoover


Astro Sign: Gemini

Chakra: Brow/Ajna, Third Eye


Medicinal Herb: Black Cohash – Great for Hormones!

ArchAngel: Raphael – Angel of Healing

Crystals & Stones: Amethyst, Citrine, Celestine, Clear Quartz, Desert Rose, Iron Pyrate, Raw Emerald, and Tiger’s Eye


The 8 of Swords reversed represents moving from fear, oppression, abuse, static, anxiety and victimization to courage, clarity and self-care, strength, openness, peace and freedom. It’s all to often we hear about or experience abuse and oppression and feel there’s very little we can do about it either for others or for ourselves. With this energy we begin to realize that there are steps we can take to move toward healing, wholeness and reclaiming a sense of self. Here’s where we reclaim power that’s been stripped away by those who have a tendency toward mental illness, abuse, narcissism, gas lighting, mean-spiritedness and cruelty.

When we see the 8 Swords reversed we know that we’re healing our sacred feminine and moving out of oppression and fear. And yes we have to KEEP breaking out. This isn’t ‘one and done’ this a million to one. In the year 2000 we entered into 1000 years of the High Priestess coming out of 1000 years of the Magician. It’s going to take quite some time, hundreds of years, to get the balance shifted and restored. What this means is that the sacred masculine was dominant and action and doing were the predominant themes. When we shift to the High Priestess the feminine becomes dominant and we shift to a more powerful inner awareness with soul, energy and Being taking the lead. Now both have their shadow sides as you’re very well aware but what you’re seeing now in the media is definitely the feminine beginning to push back. We’ll talk more about this at later dates but for now let’s look at this card in particular.

Here we see a Geisha in traditional garb and although Geisha’s were NOT and are NOT prostitutes as sex is rarely the end game they rigorously train in the Arts such as music, painting and dance for the sake of entertaining men in tea-houses. It’s challenging not to judge a culture you haven’t lived in or haven’t personally experienced and to many in the Japanese culture the Geisha is highly revered and respected. It’s a form of the refined feminine, educated and encouraged to develop both inwardly and outwardly.

As I meditated with this image to write this post I imagined that the Geisha pictured here began to admire and revere herself after all of her training and education. The knowledge she had gained created a fantastic amount of wisdom and through self-discovery she began to value her life and the experiences she’s had. Instead of keeping her chained to an outdated and antiquated way of life she found that it had in fact, given her the keys to her freedom. Instead of hiding away from society or moving toward entertaining the gentlemen she’s making another choice. She’s choosing her freedom.

In choosing to honor our freedom, authenticity and openness we realize the opportunities available to us. When you know in fact that you are worthy and of value, and that you carry wisdom and knowledge you’re able to access your truth. Sometimes healing can be a long, painful and tedious process but the rewards far out way the cost.

The truth is that you don’t have to be what others (or society) think(s) you should be and that if you’ve been abused then you’re not what you’re abuser said you were. Often times the perpetrator continues to take up residence in the mind, body and spirit of those that they’ve hurt long after the they’ve physically left the picture.

One of the keys to living a life of freedom is clearing out the old ghosts who are still haunting your inner house. If you don’t you’ll always struggle to feel like your life belongs to you, power struggles occur and anger is fueled by misunderstandings and shortsightedness. Healing is challenging but it most certainly can and does happen.

So this week the focus is on healing the feminine, feeling empowered, taking up freedom, releasing old outdated ideas and clearing the ghosts from your inner house. Sometimes this manifests as an inner bully and yes that needs to go! With this energy we’re free to explore our inner worlds, swim in our own waters and focus on what we’re able to do in a more positive and constructive frame of mind. Here we open up to the new with wonder and receptive with only positive expectations that the best is truly yet to come.

Have a great week.