Judgement – New Palladini Deck


Astro Sign: Pluto


Chakra: All Chakras


Medicinal Herb: Goldenseal


ArchAngel: Gabriel/Gabrielle


Crystals & Stones: Amber, Amethyst, Angelite, Celestite, Charoite, Clear Quartz, Phenacite, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Selenite


The Judgement card is a potent energy and represents many things such as Atonement, Awakening, Rebirth, Revelation, Inspiration, Transformation, Renewal, Release from the Past and most importantly with this card, Heeding the Call.

On the New Palladini Deck the only vision we see is the Archangel Gabrielle blowing the trumpet calling you to rise up to where you belong. This is most certainly a wake up call and I’m guessing you won’t be able to miss this one! The cross on the flag looks to me like symbolism for being at a crossroads and it’s coming time to choose which path you’d like to take. As always the best advice here is to take the highest road possible, rise above pettiness and fear and move toward manifesting your highest and best self.

Again, I’m drawn to the water in this picture very much like our Page of Cups from last week. Water offers healing and peace through cleansing and weightlessness. This feels as if we’re rising up from the depths of emotion, sadness and grief and finding our way to solid ground. It’s like the first breath you take after swimming in the depths for to long. There’s still profound healing happening here so there’s no need to rush. Don’t worry, it’ll be quite clear that there’s support from above coming our way, giving us the inspiration and energy we need to move forward. Just prior to awakening it’s common to need a lot of peace, solitude, rest and self care. Go ahead and take it, indulge, you’ll be glad you did.

For some, this card is the emergence of intuition, knowledge and divine insight. It feels like an overnight awakening and it may very well be. We call up what we need from the depths of the big soul WHEN we need it. Not before and not after but only when it’s necessary. This is a natural occurrence that’s elegantly designed. Trust yourself that what your sensing is true and real. When the water washes you clean, you’ll know.

For others this may be a total and final release from the past. Anyone who’d been dealing with some rough soulmate situations this’ll be a tremendous relief. If restitution needs to made, make it, if you need to let go then let go and accept the difficulties for what they were. If forgiveness needs to happen then let your love flow. Remember who you truly are, a wonderful, strong, loving and kind being who is coming into full power. Seek your truth and know that it’s seeking you as well.

Atonement happens here as well. I like to call it at-one-ment which means aligning with the universal and natural forces as well as Source, Goddess and God. Forgiveness of self for seemingly disconnecting from that which made us is a good way to find release. It only makes life harder when we do that to ourselves and with this energy that’s what called for. Here we reconnect with our power, joy, light and truth.

This week carries hope, joy and light as a powerful release from the past happens, we attain closure and realign with who we truly are. We hear the call and rise up to meet all that we’re meant be. Feeling refreshed after some much needed solitude and self-care we reach out to once again meet the Grace that is so lovingly, powerfully and patiently given to us at all times.


Have a great week.