Are you satisfied with your accomplishments at work? In life? Do you enjoy a sense of community, a place where you belong? Do you have innate sense of integrity and a concern for those you employ and who are under your charge? If you answered yes to these questions you could be working with the King of Pentacles archetype. This is an intelligent and hard working energy and it represents both women and men alike. This King is influential, potentially wealthy, solid, responsible, abundant, generous and wears a sense of nobility proudly atop his smoking jacket. He’s the true blue businessman of the Tarot and yes, he has the Midas touch.

Pentacles stand for earth, finances, responsibilities, stewardship and most importantly this energy represents the container or vehicle that holds and embodies the life force and consciousness of all that is. Here we practice the art of co-creation in what seems like slow motion. That’s an important job, we can’t discount the spiritual core of the earth and ALL of it’s inhabitants. Even the stink bugs.

Kings are the embodiment of established success and accomplishment akin to old soul energy. Ruling with a sense of integrity and embracing the good of the whole comes naturally to this magnetic mogul. Here we find a deep understanding as well as enjoyment of, the complexities of life and what they have to offer.

Community is hugely important to the King of Pentacles and that’s a wonderful thing! In a society that values independence and autonomy we can easily disregard the value of community and its offerings. With a sense of belonging we feel empowered, uplifted, inspired and comforted simultaneously. Coming together over shared values and a desire make a difference in the world creates powerful bonds between people, neighborhoods, cities and nations.

Here we find a skilled builder and a true understanding of the importance of creating a solid foundation that will support not only oneself but our family, friends and the world at large. He casts a wide net and has the shoulders broad enough to hold the return that naturally occurs.

In Work and Career the King of Pentacles means that you’ve created a solid platform for yourself on which you can practice you’re craft, make a stand and provide for yourself, loved ones and the world at large. You have the Midas touch and it keeps on growing from here. Although there may be a lot of responsibility with this position you’re more than capable of handling it. Enjoy the abundance, new experiences and sense of accomplishment that comes with this energy.

In love and relationships the King of Pentacles is sensual and fun-loving but his strong suits are stable and hardworking. Here you might have problems with yourself or your beloved being a workaholic or just plain having a lot on your plate. And you/they like it that way. This may make for a comfortable lifestyle but doesn’t leave a lot of room for the sweet lovin required to maintain close bond. Seems like work comes first here and if you’re both carrying a heavy load this could work out. If not, frequently affairs or break-ups occur due to loneliness, neglect and the inability of one partner to show up for the other.

Looks like this week is all about work, work and more work. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) love this as it comes naturally to them. Fire signs who live in the creative worlds might find it a little tedious. For all of us it’s important to build the best platform we can for ourselves and master our crafts. Now is the time to buckle down and get to work insuring that quality not quantity is the name of the game. Chances for success are very good here so let’s give it all that we have!

Have a great week.