Are you interested in learning the Tarot?

Have you felt pulled to read the Cards but not sure where to begin? Why not try a Tarot Circle? The good news is you don’t have to be a mind reader to learn cards. Studying the Tarot is a fun and interesting way to develop the natural intuition you already have. Attending group classes is a great way to start the process. You not only receive the guidance of an experienced teacher and reader you also have the added benefit of discussion with other like-minded people with similar interests.

With each class you’ll learn:

Definitions and hidden meanings of the cards

How to blend the cards to create a whole and balanced reading

Techniques to enhance your intuition

Practice reading for yourself and others

The latest information about the Tarot

If this interests you and you’d like to develop a deeper awareness of the Tarot, join us for The Art of Tarot Saturday, March 3:00 at 10:00AM.

Please bring your own deck of cards or feel free to use mine. You’ll also need a Tarot journal for note taking and idea gathering. RSVP required. Contact me at (412) 310-0400 or email

Fee: $35 per class or 3 classes for $90

Location: Singer Mansion – 1318 Singer Place, Wilkinsburg Pa 15221

I’m a professional Tarot Card Reader with 15 years experience, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Teacher and Soul Enthusiast. I am inspired to live my own independent study of the Tarot on a daily basis as well as exploring other Spiritual and Psychological philosophies and healing modalities such as The I Ching, Meditation, Reiki, Qabalah, Dream Interpretation, Animal Totems, Numerology, Crystals, Seth Books, Channeling, Herbs, Development of the Psychic, Pathwork of Self-Transformation, Astrology and much more.