Here we are at the Spring Equinox a time of fertility, abundance and rebirth and most importantly a celebration of true balance and equilibrium of the feminine and masculine. Both night and day are of equal length on this most sacred of days and from this all seeds are planted and all things are rightfully born. Ostera marks the return of the light when the days get longer and the nights get shorter. Often we feel energized and inspired to rise up and follow the great Mother into our own personal awakening or rebirth.

Ostera is known as the One Who Brings the Dawn and in the Tarot she is represented by The Empress card as well as The World as the Womb of Sophia. She is always full and fecund and it’s through the benevolence of this magnificent Goddess that we’re able to bring forth and share the light of our Divinity. Here we find love, abundance, birthing, kindness, wealth, sharing, connection and generosity. It’s the return of life and all is flowing and all is freely given.

Powerful and popular symbols for this day are the Hare and the Egg as well as spring flowers, nuts and seeds of all kinds as well as beginning your garden or landscaping. A plethora of sweet & savory treats seem to arise as well. Hot Cross buns are one example representing the two solstices and equinox’s, the four directions as well as the four elements with the circle of life encompassing them all and more. As a version of the Celtic Cross one of my favorite Tarot spreads, I can easily relate to this.

Another is Ostera Bread made of buttermilk, almonds, milk & honey and syrup. What’s not to love there? Let’s not forget the Eggs decorated as you wish or used as abundance charms when the shells are buried by the entrance of your home. It’s there that their presence invites a positive flow of prosperity to your door and so into your life it will come. In honoring this Goddess we can offer up these treats or beautiful flowers or maybe we prefer to light a candle because we’d like to be a part of the birthing of the light that’s naturally occurring. Whatever you wish.

It’s this Pagan holiday that the Christians mimic as Easter with the obvious Easter Bunny reference as well as the resurrection of Jesus. To me the resurrection of a true Master who walked this earth is once again indicative of Birthing of the new and quite the empowered feminine action. The dance of Yeshua and Miriam.

This is a beautiful and powerful time of not only celebrating Ostera but of innocence, imagination, play and fun. Reminding us that this earth is given us to enjoy life, feel love and to know kindness. It’s on her ground that we dance, it’s though her life that we nourish, it’s on her bed that we rest and it’s through her grace that we’re received.

In all Gratitude to Ostera, the Cycles of the Year and the Birthing of the New.