6 of Pentacles: New Palladini Deck, David Palladini


Astro Sign: Taurus

Chakra: Muladhara (Root)/Ajna (Third Eye)

Medicinal Herb: Hops

ArchAngel: Raphael

Crystals & Stones: Crysocolla, Lithium Quartz, Rhodonite, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise


The 6 of Pentacles represents generosity, kindness, fairness, equality in giving and receiving, charity, scholarship, loans and most of all with this rendition, balance. This card carries the energy of Justice in such a clear way that it’s hard to miss. First, there are no people in the scene, which tells us that the balance to be struck here is between the Universe and ourselves. Second, the scales are above the mountains, which represent higher, abstract thought, as well as above the clouds, which means seeing clearly and being truthful.

The dagger in the middle of the scales may stand for a Kila/Phurba which is a Indo –Tibetan Buddhism shamans’ ritual tool, a Athame, a Wiccan Ceremonial Dagger or a Sword representing the suit of swords in the Tarot as well as the Sword on the Justice card which stands for Truth. The daggers are used to hold negativity that’s been removed during healing sessions or exorcisms. Regardless, in this scenario I believe it to stand for (literally) maintaining balance while carrying a heavy load or being sure to stay grounded while developing psychically and swimming in the cosmos as well as the removal of negativity from your life. Also, this tool could be used in prosperity ceremonies by turning the sod or preparing the ground with it to plant seeds that may eventually turn into a fine harvest. Abundance and prosperity look as if they’re just hovering in the air awaiting manifestation, wanting to be shared with all who desire them.

There are 3 pentacles in each scale and 3’s represent abundance, fruitfulness and creative talent. There are 2 scales and 2’s represent striking the balance of duality and within certain polarities. 2 x 3 = 6, which is the number of the card. Pentacles represent the spirit that resides within matter so here we have the ability to produce/or reproduce whatever we wish only on a larger scale and remain balanced while doing so. What this all boils down to is generosity and prosperity from the cosmos, May your Scale Runneth Over!!

In relationships, this is a wonderful card of equality, giving and receiving, sharing, honesty, kindness and openness and being ready for all of these things. This is a two-way street and there’s no room for imbalance, disrespect, dishonesty or deception. Here it really is all good, if it’s not it’s seen, processed and the obstacle removed.

If you’ll notice there’s a waning crescent moon on the top right hand corner of the card. Turns out beginning tomorrow and moving through to next Sunday we’ll be in the Waning Crescent Moon phase. Coincidence? I think not. The appropriate actions during this phase of the moon are to eliminate that which is toxic to you or no longer useful in your life, as it’s waning or getting smaller. Let go of what you no longer need or want, including possessions. Check your old patterns and be sure you’re not repeating them. This is about releasing in preparation for the new moon next week. If you’re already on top of that then it’s time to prepare for all the goodness the Universe wants to pour into your life.

This week energetically feels like a seriously powerful karmic balancing. It’s a time for healing, rest, reflection and if your rhythm isn’t working for you then stop and prepare to play a different tune. If you’re a classic over-giver, it’s time to receive. If you’ve been on the taking side of things, yep, you guessed it, time to do more giving. Put your balancing tools in place, practice self-care, fill up the coffer, rejuvenate and replenish and prepare to maintain a healthy balance of work and play and doing and being in the future.


Have a great week.