When you see the Queen of Swords think Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War and the Daughter of Zeus and Metis. She resides over courage, inspiration, law and justice, mathematics, strategy, crafts and skill. She’s smart, crafty and clear.

Swords represent the intellect and our capacity for higher reasoning and abstract thought. They take on an active quality within the Tarot and we see that even more powerfully represented in the 16 Court cards. Even within the most passive personality we can discover an active forward moving quality. Queens have a powerful yet feminine presence and hold themselves with dignity and strength. The Queen of Sword’s most powerful trait, among many, is the ability to cut to the quick of any situation and get to the truth. As with any good matriarch clarity, awareness and right action are marks of her intelligence, logic and grace. Don’t mistake her for not having a heart, she most certainly does but she’s adept at emotional detachment which makes her a great counselor and truly wise guide.

In relationships the Queen of Swords represents a time of clarity and acceptance. Times have been rough and there’s no skirting around the issue, not anymore. Acceptance of the past is the best way to let it go. Forgiveness is a powerful trait with this queen and she enjoys sharing it. Just don’t expect her to cozy up to those who have hurt her. The forgiveness bestowed here is for everyone’s chance at freedom not reconciliation and rebonding. We see this by her outstretched hand open to the future having truly let go of the past and it’s people.

As for Work and Career this person, man or woman, has earned their spiritual stripes so to speak and now sits on a vault of wisdom to share with the world. This Queen is often gifted in the metaphysical arts, counseling, writing, hospice and mid-wifery. She has a profoundly deep understanding of both the seen and the unseen worlds. Her gifts are often used to help those in search of truth and understanding. She won’t suffer fools easily and doesn’t waste time placating your ego. She’s an excellent therapist and will help you remove any masks that no longer serve you. Her words serve to encourage, inspire, heal and empower you. She wants you to see the truth of who you are with all of it’s magic, mystery, power and promise.

When the Queen of Swords appears you can rest assured that although it may difficult to accept your in touch with your truth and clear about the happenings around you. This can be a relief because a course of action can be formed and executed. After working with this energy you’ll know how to proceed toward a better, stronger, more loving and very, very bright future.

Have a great week.