When reading the Tarot there’s a counseling aspect that’s inherent within the People are often coming because there’s a problem that needs to be solved and worked out. Yes, some people will come for the psychic qualities to ‘See what’s in the cards’ for them and there’s nothing wrong with that. They can use the information passed along through spirit or guides or higher self for reflection and insight into themselves and their situation. That’s also part of the equation.

The Queen of Swords carries this counseling ability because of her clarity: the ability to see through illusion, honesty, courage and intelligence is her strong suit. It’s important to be able to pierce the veils of the illusion so you can get to the heart of the matter. Often what’s necessary is a shift in perception and as a reader/counselor this is often the skill set that’s required and necessary.

The Queen of Cups is wonderful and lovely but can be to watery and emotional. The Queen of Wands is powerful and dynamic but can be to much of a showman to effectively see another person. The Queen of Pentacles can ruminate instead of moving the situation forward.

When you see this Queen the best thing to know is the depth of the challenges that have been faced in the persons life, either your own or another’s. This is where the emotional detachment brought by the Queen of Swords is a necessary element to a good reading. She’s not overly attached to what the person wants and therefore can guide them toward the best perspective and course of action. Especially to guide toward the ability to see the past clearly and identify God in hindsight. We then learn to value and respect our personal experiences for what they offered up and taught us.

Respect for ourselves and therefore others is quickly dwindling in our society. Everybody wants to be seen for their best qualities but rarely are we willing to see others for theirs. We all have exceptional skills to work with and we all have faults, flaws and weaknesses to be worked through. The first step to be taken to earn respect is to ask what qualities do you admire within yourself. What is it that you like about yourself? Are you intelligent, courageous, strong, kind, generous, clever, funny? What challenges have you overcome? How does knowing that you’ve stood up more times then you’ve fallen down enhance your self-esteem? What does that fact teach you about yourself?

These are the questions that the Queen of Swords will ask and guide you in answering. She understands that life is rarely a straight and narrow path but a winding road through beautiful and sometimes rough terrain. At times this path will be lighted and easily travailed and at others you’ll barely be able to see a few feet in front of you.

Asking ourselves why we need the experiences we have in our lives, the positive and the negative, and how they serve us is a direct route to understanding, clarity and resolution. And this is yet another of the many powerful qualities this Queen has to offer.

Have a great week.