You can schedule your private 30, 60 or 90-minute in-person reading with Rebecca at her location in Pittsburgh’s East End or via telephone or Skype/Video Chat.

To schedule your session, check the calendar page for available dates and call (412) 310-0400 or email Rebecca.


30 Minutes $60

60 Minutes $125

90 Minutes $150

* Sessions are for individuals or couples. Couples readings are 90 Minutes minimum.


Payment may be made by check, credit card or pay pal prior to reading, or cash or credit card at the time of an in-person reading.





Rebecca also offers readings for small groups in a client’s home. Each person at the party receives an individual reading lasting 30 minutes. The host(ess) of the party provides a quiet and private place for Rebecca to meet with each individual.

Thirty-minute readings (small groups/parties only): $45.0

6 Readings Per Group (Exceptions can be made for up to 8 people)

Would you like a Tarot Reader at your corporate event, fundraiser, or banquet?



Tarot Readings are popular activities for client appreciation, fundraisers, holiday parties and events or just a girl’s night out. Each person receives an individual reading that lasts up to twenty minutes. You just need to provide a quiet and private area with two chairs and a table.

Call to discuss fees and availability.

Cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule your reading, please give a 24-hour notice.

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I’m a professional Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Card Reader and Teacher,  Reiki Master, Psyche Swimmer &  Soul Enthusiast. I’ve been reading professionally for 15 years and have been immersed in study for over 21 years.

I’m interested in everything Mystical, Healing and Natural and that’s what you’ll find on my site. My readings are deep and profoundly transformational bringing clarity, support and awareness that helps release fear and anxiety by revealing the true spiritual meaning behind life experiences. Restored balance from proper perspective can return a sense of harmony to one’s life and renew that comfortable feeling of being on the right path. My readings also serve to connect you with your higher self which allows for creativity, inspiration, and fulfillment encouraging your divinity to flow forth into the world. This creates better decision making as well as unity and connection with the natural, universal and Divine order.

In addition to the Tarot, during a reading, I use my empathetic gifts, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. I work in partnership with your Spirit Guides, Ancestors & Angels to provide a well-rounded, clear, and accurate reading. Appointments are available in-person, by telephone and Skype/video chat.





Here are a few reasons people to come see me:

  • Help with making important decisions, allowing perspective shifts and clarity about what direction to move in.
  • Real guidance about relationships, career and family situations.
  • Uplifting and powerful energy to support your spiritual and emotional growth and healing.
  • Profound spiritual and emotional counseling on a regular and consistent basis for brief or extended periods of time.
  • Enlightening emotional and spiritual healing through Reiki and energy work.
  • Practical and Divine guidance delivered with compassion, strength and a reassuring, down-to-earth sense of humor.

What you can expect from a reading:

We begin the reading with a brief meditation where I receive messages from guides or spirit prior to questions being asked. Here we get an overall theme for you to reflect upon pertaining to your most pressing life lessons. After that, we put down Tarot cards and look at any specific questions you might have and get them answered. We can work with any situation you have from an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical perspective

My readings are deep with a focus on growth, healing, and awareness. The goal is to become aware of and remove blocks that you’re experiencing that prevent you from living the way you want to, from moving forward or allowing your best self to shine through. We work with the present always with an eye toward the future.  I recommend at least an hour for the first reading. Shorter (30-minute) readings are provided for 1 question answers. If this sounds like something that interests you and would be beneficial contact me and we can schedule a time for reading.

I’m always inspired to live my own independent study of the Tarot on a daily basis as well as exploring other Spiritual and Psychological philosophies and healing modalities such as Mediumship, Pathwork of Self-Transformation, The I Ching, Meditation, Reiki/Energy Work, Qabalah, Jungian Philosophy, Dream Interpretation, Essential Oils, Yoga, Clean Eating, Animal Totems & Guides, Numerology, Crystals & Stones, Seth Books, Channeling, Medicinal Herbs, Psychic Development and much more.

*The Tarot Images on this website are from the New Palladini Deck by David Palladini.

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Contact Me

          Phone:    412.310.0400


Contact Me

Phone:    412.310.0400