Tarot Circle – The High Priestess and the Tentative Two’s


Wednesday we’ll be working with the energy of The High Priestess and the adjoining 2’s. 2 of Cups, 2 of Wands, 2 of Swords and 2 of Pentacles.  This is a deep and contemplative energy that’s purpose is to remain receptive to the divine. Accessing our divinity doesn’t require a special set of circumstances as much as it does a powerful desire to allow our presence to be inwardly felt. Remembering that the heart is the bridge that connects heaven and earth we easily connect with all that is we sit in our truth, expand our awareness and open our crowns to all that is.

The High Priestess is can also be known as a visionary, a clairvoyant, a seer, oracle and whisperer. We partake in her lovely energy every time we read cards, meditate, paint a picture or do yoga. We calm and soothe the body preparing it to receive the divine through spirit, guides, angels, helpers and teachers and focus on our higher selves.

I hope you can join us for a deep and mystical evening of learning, discussion and clarity regarding the energies of The High Priestess. Intuition, receptivity, knowing, depth, awareness and channeling of all kinds will be the theme of this wonderful, contemplative and expansive evening.


  • Intuition
  • Knowing
  • Mystical

Let me know if you’re able to attend.

Cost is $25 per class or $60 for a package of 3
RSVP is required.