The Wise Man Looks Within


What do we mean by ‘Healing’? Honestly, what does it mean to truly heal? Everybody’s talking about it, some are doing it and I assume most think it’s a good idea. With the busyness of life, work, children, family, relationships and overall upkeep most of us don’t really move toward it or dive deeply enough into it to understand the truly remarkable effects. Maybe it seems like too much work or there’s just not enough time to focus on us. This is the tragic flaw of most women. Not the feminine but women. Avoidance of self in the guise of giving. Proudly, I can say this might be one of the wounds women are so actively healing right now. You’ll see this in the #METOO movement as well as Women’s Marches around the world. We balance the scales by bringing ourselves lovingly into the equation and then adding some heat.

Healing for me is Freedom meaning internal freedom. Leading us to a new and more balanced way of viewing ourselves in the world. At first glance healing requests that we see our life in a different form and from a different perspective; one that’s more valued and respected. If not heeded, the wounds demand that we do. If you’ve experienced trauma, rape, emasculation, heartbreak, abandonment, loss of a loved one, abuse, cruelty, neglect, harassment or rejection (and that’s just about everyone) you might understand the feelings of being invaded by darkness, haunted by memories and imprisoned by the likes of fear and pain.

The bruises on your body heal on their own, you stop feeling guilty because of something someone else did, you meet somebody new, find a different job, explore new friendships, create better boundaries, cease over-thinking the reason for the rejection. You find the capacity to stop obsessing about your inadequacies and why you must be wrong or these things wouldn’t have happened to you. These are all wonderful actions to take and go a very, very long way.

Okay, what then about the nagging sense that this could happen again? And how about the surprising ways in which we’re triggered by revisiting places of the past or hearing the uttering of an ugly, old familiar phrase? Or when a scent wafting through the air sets your body on white-hot fire and sends your mind into a tragic tailspin? How do we heal from these wounds and truly move on? What does it take to find serenity and inner peace?

Well we know that healing is a process and luckily there are many ways that we can partake. This version of the Temperance card gives us ideas that might be helpful in unlocking yet another door to wholeness.

The tempering aspect, similar to the Strength card is applying our higher more refined selves to this process. We see this with the Lion and the Eagle drinking out of the same cauldron. The lion is our survival self and the Eagle is our spirit. When the two meet there can be a powerful swirling of emotion as the old is stirred up to be released. In short what needs to be brought in is love. Our higher self was, is and always will be Love. The most powerful force in the Universe.

Has there been a time when you’ve been indecisive or stuck in a rut not sure how to get out (to much water) only to find that someone comes along and thoroughly pisses you off or thoroughly turns you on (add some fire!)? They push all the right buttons at just the right time. Yep, we can consider that an agent of the Divine come to make us move. In reality we draw them to us and no, we don’t Have to like them but indeed we can. We do however need to get the message that it’s time for change and that requires inner work followed by taking action. This is different then a reaction as we’re not offering up backlash. This is taking thoughtful action in a new direction utilizing the fuel from that fire. In the Tarot that’s the 4 of Cups reversed as we awaken we see the gift in the situation. Life won’t use kid gloves when they don’t serve us but it will add some heat just we need it the most. We aren’t able to change others and nor do we need to but we are able to influence situations for the better by healing ourselves and giving that a voice.

Another is obvious. ART. Art is passionate and it’s the language of the soul, the deep and true part of ourselves seeking and finding expression. It speaks in images, sounds, colors, symbols, textures and dimensions and affects us on all levels including cellular. It’s our eternal being. This soul, this rare and unique creature that you are understands that true power lives in it’s ability to create. We’re all creating our lives exactly as we need them to be. We have the ability to summon healing from within by gathering the orphaned parts of self, bringing them together and creating our own inner family. The experiences we’ve had we need and true depth is required to find out WHY. Mostly we’ll find it’s to bring forth our better selves, to be more compassionate and more loving. Art in all of it’s forms naturally escorts us into these realms, supports an inner connection to and of the disparate parts and delivers us safely back to wholeness.

Temperance asks us to balance the elements of fire the Lion (Leo) with water represented by the Eagle (Scorpio). This is passion combined with wisdom. In layman’s terms this means getting fired up, adding some heat to your healing and getting on with life. The anger that accompanies feelings of hurt, loss and betrayal can be a powerful motivator inspiring movement in a different, more fruitful direction.

Discovering that the contents of the Cauldron have become the magic elixir we find that it’s in the diversity of experience that life takes place. Creative individuality is key to our survival not just our enjoyment.

How many beautiful and moving works of Art have come from someone’s loss and pain? Have you ever allowed a song to give voice to your sorrow or even better to your joy? Have you written a song or a poem revered only by you due to its cathartic effect? Is there a painting that brings life to your deepest desires, longings and visions?

The creative process could be considered the healing process. Our pain is unearthed, dredged to the surface and given a voice. Solace and Grace allow it to be known, seen and heard. Our grief is aired, replacing our pain with wisdom and we’re transformed through and with a new vision. We can delight in the expression of well-being, hopes, desires, longings, laughter, support and celebration, and make space for more Love and goodness and light to enter our inner sanctum. This becomes the Freedom I speak of. Here we’re open-hearted enough to once again laugh, play and enjoy our loved ones and ourselves.

Through honoring who we are, all parts of this most magnificent, simple yet complicated self we’re free to become the goddesses and gods we were truly made to be.

Have a great week.