The Aces in the Tarot speak of new opportunities being presented and seeds being planted. The Ace of Pentacles in particular represents ways in which we ourselves are changing. With time old cycles end and new ones begin. Having taken stock of where we’ve been and how we’ve grown we see clearly how our actions and behaviors play a large role in creating our circumstances. This provides the opportunity to start on fresh footing with different perspectives and therefore not as eager to repeat the past mistakes.

The Ancestral Path Ace shows a Ojibway drum and speaks of the gifts of the earth. Buffalo is seated next to sacred circle representing resourcefulness as well as sacred abundance showing that all is provided for. Respect for the earth as mother and all of life is prominent as well as the cycles of life and death. We’re born into this world and we die being born into another life, then we’re born again and die again and so on and so on.

These births happen while here on earth many times as well. We birth new parts of ourselves with each new role we take up and old parts integrate and lie fallow. Having seen their usefulness they simply step aside as do old acquaintances, jobs, spouses, friends and experiences.

Change happens when we marry, have children, move, accept new job opportunities, divorce, make new friends, join groups, get promoted, get fired, travel and adopt freedom as a way of life and many other ways as well. If we don’t change and grow we’re moving against the current of life and will find ourselves stagnant and depressed, resistant and overwhelmed.

The Ace of Pentacles gives us an extra boost when it comes to making changes. The advice is to explore new options in the outer world that lead to progressive action. That’s why I love the drum here encouraging us to drum up a new rhythm or two. Do a new dance, sing a new song, look for a new job, where new clothes, explore new places and truly make new things happen. When we do we’re able to create a new momentum, one that’s aligned with our better, authentic selves.

The Ace of Pentacles says that our view of life, the world and ourselves have changed and so our outer world changes to. It’s most important that we take responsibility and be accountable for ourselves and our lives, our choices and to know that we’re the ones creating reality and it’s up to us to make it a better one.

We have support in spirit, guides, teachers and masters both seen and unseen but we must ask and listen when they show us the way. If we don’t accept help from the higher spheres we struggle for a broader view and in essence fly blind and recreate the past. We’re supported by the earth in ways many of us take for granted and we need to wake up, see the truth and display some gratitude, reverence and respect for that which we inhabit temporarily and must be good stewards of. If not, it’s like being disrespectful house guests and that won’t make us very welcome.

New opportunities present themselves and with patience and due diligence we’re able to create a plethora of abundance, prosperity and new experiences for ourselves. This new cycle comes with it’s challenges as well as gifts helping us to grow and thrive in ways we hadn’t imagined as of yet. So let’s step out of our comfort zones a bit and reach for something new, better and unknown.

Let’s strive to be the best we can be and let the rest go.

Have a great week.