When we see the Chariot card number 7 in the Tarot, let’s think of a vehicle that carries us toward our ultimate destiny. Our bodies provide a vehicle in the world of form that carry our inner worlds, Psyche, Spirit and Soul through the varied experiences called life. It’s within this definition that we discover the Merkabah which is known as the ‘Vehicle of Light’. In the Qabala The Chariot is the Eighteenth Path on the Tree of Life. It resides between the sephirah of Geburah and Binah and is titled the ‘House of Influence’. The Hebrew letter associated with The Chariot is Cheth, meaning ‘fence or enclosure’.

The Chariot carries the watery energy of the zodiac sign of Cancer which gives us a proper perspective as enclosure. The shell of the crab related to Cancer is a form of protection between the soft, receptive interior and the often more chaotic and harsh outer worlds. Crabs move in a sideways motion meaning we may frequently sidestep issues that lie before us for better or for worse.

This relates to the 7 of Swords in the Tarot frequently interpreted as a negative card due the it’s tendency toward sneaking around, avoidance, running and lack of faithfulness. Sometimes it’s best to side step an issue or act independently or on the down low usually because a breakdown in communication has left circumstances unworkable. Communication is as much listening as it is talking, if there’s no listening there’s no communication. If that’s the case the Chariot then becomes the energy that encourages us to move on and leave it behind. So we could see this as a positive or a negative depending on the individual situation.

In this version of The Chariot the setting is nothing short of the wondrous cosmos itself so we view it as the Merkabah which carries us upward toward Kether seeking an authentic encounter with what we believe our Divinity to be. Meditations with this card could be amazing! Multi-dimensional for sure and potentially life-changing.

Intuitively, this energy feels like a date with destiny. Opportunities that arise here may challenge us on every level encouraging us to bring forth our best. This is where our resolve is tested and our intentions purified. New directions become decided and the past is left behind for good. It feels like things just aren’t the same after this week. They’re better in terms of more defined. The red cape of the Charioteer seems to speak of a powerful belief in our abilities and the lions ask us to be courageous and powerful yet with a gentle and self-assured spirit. This vehicle is in motion and it looks as if born directly from the Source of Light itself.

Everything about this Chariot is inviting and challenging at the same time. There’s a Divine Warrior spirit that’s inherent within this energy and it’s not backing down. It’s a time of staying in control of our intense energies and pursuing our passions with supreme knowing and outrageously effortless self-control. If you’ll notice the Charioteers eyes are closed representing faith, trust and telepathy. This is the individual who is aligned with their self as well as the cosmos and the connection is unbeatable as well as unstoppable. This is the true form of the bringer of the light in all it’s glory. Full of adventure, love, challenge, honesty, courage and eventually victory this is one ride you surely don’t want to miss.

Have a great week.