Page of Cups – Robin Wood Tarot


Astro Sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Chakra: Crown, Brow, Sacral

Medicinal Herb: Damiana

ArchAngel: Sandolphin


Crystals & Stones: Amethyst, Amazonite, Black Obsidian, Blue Lace Agate, Clear Quartz, Green Gaspeite, Red Jasper, Ruby Stone, Tiger’s Eye


The Page of Cups is a messenger of powerful emotions, playfulness, creativity, curiosity, romance, feeling swept off your feet and last but not least psychic development. This is a dramatic and poetic energy providing lots of love and inspiration. With the Robin Wood rendition especially, we could receive pleasant surprises much to our liking. Notice the bird flying joyfully into the air out of the cup spreading joy, light and freedom. This is definitely a message saying ‘sing your song!’ and use your voice to express yourself. Pay attention to your language and it’s affects on other people. It will have more power than usual so go ahead and let yourself go, follow where it leads.

The Page of Cups forever holds the Ace of Cups in the palm of her hand. She is the vehicle through which we access our sacred self and she holds it up for the world to see. Here she lets us know that we all can access our psychic worlds and this divine child is calling our attention to it in the most passionate of ways.

The fact that she’s by the ocean says to me that a vacation may be in order and if so it’s meant to be as fun and lighthearted as possible! If you look closely at the water you’ll notice it’s stirred up a bit as these are not still waters. This shows us we may need to shake up our world and make some changes, take some risks, break free of the routine and go do something different. We need to keep stepping out of our comfort zone and into strange waters if we’re interested in continued growth & expansion, not to mention fun!

The creative element goes hand in hand with the psychic development as creativity has us utilizing the parts of self that are required for powerful intuitive insights to come to the fore. Relaxation, imagination, desire, focus and expression are all involved in this wonderful process and serve to help reveal more of our divinity in ways that seem miraculous and breathtaking. Notice the artist’s palette on her tunic and placed right where it should be on the Sacral chakra. We could say that this represents birthing new creative skills as we stretch and take steps to move forward in the world (it’s on the front which represents the future).

The Page of Cups embraces all of her emotions. So if there are some powerfully painful emotions that arise rest assured that after they’re experienced and processed the resulting feeling is one of lightheartedness and freedom. That’s the point of being in touch with your emotions. Not holding on to them but releasing them so you can set the past free and move forward in a way that maybe you’ve not experienced until now? Releasing emotional blocks allows you to see and be seen through the eyes of freedom, innocence, truth and love.

If you’ll notice she’s standing on solid ground not sand so it seems that we’ve built a nice platform to make our stand on. True security lies in the knowledge that we are the ones who create our lives, it lives inside of us as opportunity to recreate our circumstances through intelligence, openness and a willingness to be authentic. Being true to ourselves, our beliefs and our purpose goes a long way toward inner feelings of peace and well-being.

This week healing can happen in the simplest of ways. By being in touch with our inner child and truly listening to what’s desired we can make tremendous progress toward wholeness. By releasing the resentments and unfulfilled desires of the past we’re able to access long lost innocence and allow trust to be restored, faith regained and thriving can become a living, breathing reality.


Have a great week.