The Hanged Man is a card of acceptance, transcendence, spiritual awakening, independence, surrender of ego and Christ consciousness. The ego knows attachment, sacrifice and suffering. The Higher Self or the Christ self knows love, compassion and freedom. Jesus was the man who walked the earth, who ate and breathed as we do. Christ was the consciousness or awareness he carried within him and shared with the world. Often how we view our experiences is what truly matters and that depends on whether we understand and comprehend what we’ve learned from them.

Many people are hung up on the crucifixion of Jesus and we have to wonder if that’s really the way he saw it, as a sacrifice for our sins or a completion of his lessons here on this physical plane? If that’s the case what’s the proper perspective of the resurrection? ‘Oh just kidding. I’m infallible and your not. Look what I can do.’ Which is a punishing view of a wise, kind, strong and compassionate being. It’s also perpendicular to that which he was teaching as he stated ‘You will do as I do and more’ and often referred to those around him as sisters and brothers. Equals in potential to the eyes of the Divine.

I believe the resurrection to be an awakening that teaches us to rise up toward a higher level of being after the many small deaths we die. With each death there must be a rebirth into something new, bigger and brighter. It’s true with life just as it is with the seasons. Therefore the Hanged Man can represent the gestation period of what will soon be birthed and the seeming passivity that comes with this energy is really turning waiting into an action. It’s a quiet magic.

Enlightenment means allowing more light into our lives in the way of seeing how powerful we truly are as co-creators and manifestors of the highest order. Each of us, individually has their own unique way of bringing joy, love, spirit and therefore the divine into the world. To view life from a higher perspective is being able to see a different and better, more loving reality even within the one that exists. It’s quite visionary and one that allows for connection with the Universe and therefore our outer action led by our inner power to be of the highest order.

To see ourselves in another person is a powerful act of understanding and compassion as well as clearly seeing who we are not. Discovering what we will and won’t do in any given situation is only something we know by having lived out our inner truth as we’re seeing with the Justice card this year. It’s easy to surmise what actions you might take but wisdom means you know what you’ll do because you’ve experienced it. That’s the purpose of the physical world, turning theory into practice as well as being a playground for our souls to create a multitude of fantastic and very imaginable and yet unimagined experiences. So we may truly, truly know them.

I see the Hanged Man this week as an opportunity to once again shift perspective to an even higher level of awareness utilizing our independence and individuality. To see waiting as an action that invites wisdom sans the concept of laziness. It’s a space to view our lives as more meaningful and fulfilling then we were once willing to perceive. It’s a chance to revisit our experiences and discover what they’ve truly meant to us from an emotionally mature and spiritually aware perspective. Then move toward that which brings us more joy and pleasure. It’s time for a different perspective of self, one that sees through the lens of love, value and respect for self no matter the outer appearances and regardless of the opinions of others. It’s time to expand, grow, accept and surrender. The only thing needing to be sacrificed is suffering and smallness. Let’s offer that up to the alter of compassion and truth see what might happen.

Have a great week.