The Magician represents new starts, feeling energized, plugged in and connected to Universal energies. Creativity is a peak here as well as feeling experimental and rebellious. When speaking astrology this is Mercury the Divine messenger and the planet of communication, information and knowledge. This is where we birth ideas into form and name it creativity. This is Hermes in Greek mythology and Mercury in Roman and protects trade, merchants, artists, thieves and tricksters. Yes, he can be crafty so keep your eyes open to assure your seeing through any illusions to what’s really there.

New ideas can spring from unexpected places and special abilities may develop at a fun-filled pace. We’re co-creating with the Divine here folks, anything can and probably will happen. Love this Magician in particular because there’s so much symbolism, meaning we have a lot of tools at our disposal. Believe that you can make anything happen that you want to. All things are possible.

As for the symbolism, which is a pretty big deal with the Tarot here’s a few ideas as to what some of it means. The large amount of yellow stands for a powerful intellect ready to be focused. Red represents our passions and the desire to make them manifest. This Magician sits between the black and white candles just as the High Priestess sits between light and dark pillars in most decks. This speaks of a deeper understanding of the Universal forces then most Magicians carry. Wisdom of this kind isn’t usually learned until we reach the next phase of development so we may be a bit ahead of our time.

The deer head with antlers speaks of well-honed psychic abilities with a gentle, relaxed way of connecting. I’m pretty drawn to the facial hair which leans toward a soft yet masculine approach.

The Ouroboros or infinity sign represents the eternal life forces at play and the roses on the Magi’s robe stand for love blossoming again and again. Roses are a bit of work so it’s the reminder that to keep your love alive you need to put forth some effort. Tend to that garden well and it’ll reward you for years to come.

In relationships the Magician usually represents good times and doesn’t say much about anything in between. Not a bad thing per say but if you’re looking for Mrs./Mr. Forever the Magician may not be your person. Right now. Fresh starts are indicated by this energy with lots of fun, activity and meets and greets. This is finally being ready to enter the world again after a bad break-up or a loss of some kind so fun and excitement are called for. Locking down a commitment comes later. Don’t go any further then you want to but by all means have a great time here!

In Work and Career this is an amazing energy to be working with. It may mean starting a new job or career path that actually utilizes the great skills you have! Or it could mean that the work you’re doing gets bumped up a notch and you get the much needed inspiration to put your heart and soul back into pursuing your purpose. Communications, writing, speaking, entrepreneurship, public relations, restaurateurs, sales and travel all fall under the Magician’s domain so you can expect things to really heat up.

If opportunity knocks, Answer.

Have a great week.