The Star is a card of hope, meditation, inspiration, illumination and connection. It represents light coming out of the darkness. We see a woman kneeling before a pool of water with one foot partially submerged. The water symbolizes the unconscious, the vast and potentially illusory world yet to be formed. Artistic inspiration and imagination live here and through the vehicle of human awareness archetypes are invited to travel in between worlds.

This enables the connection of the inner self with the boundless energy of all that is. When connecting with Spirit we live in two worlds simultaneously. One is the world of the higher self, our divinity and the other is the world of physicality and manifestation. We reach into loftier realms to access ideas so that they may flow into the world of form to be shared so they may inspire, enlighten and heal.The nakedness represents being open about who we are and most importantly being authentic to the eyes of the Divine and all that is.

Healers and Shamans understand this as they summon, invoke and invite source energy into and through themselves in hopes of delivering fresh life to those who wish to receive it. Artists have spoken of being in the flow having lost blocks of time only to find a new creation birthed before them. Mediums and channels find this to be a lovely trance space with which they can give voice to the sacred and reveal powerful messages of comfort, illumination and enlightenment.

There are seven smaller stars surrounding what’s called the Loadstar, the eighth and largest star. The Star card is the higher vibration of Strength which is number 8. After kundalini awakens through the Tower and we tame our deep-seated desires and passions through Strength we have a powerful yet peaceful stream of energy at our disposal. After the storm comes the rainbow and the feeling of having been washed clean.

When we see this card we know that it’s time to imagine our higher goals and begin to easily and comfortably work towards them. Being in the flow allows inspiration to effortlessly flow into us as well the comforting knowing that we’re where we need to be and with whom we need to be. Allow yourself the space and openness to grow and flourish in the ways you’re inherently meant to. All the while connecting with spirit and adhering to the inner guidance you know to be honest and true.

Have a great week.