4 of Wands – Rider Waite Smith


Astro Sign: Venus in Aries

Chakra: Heart

Archangel: Zadkiel

Medicinal Herb: Fennel Seed

Stones/Crystals: Amazonite, Aventurine, Charoite, Chrysocolla, Jade, Moonstone, Rose Quartz


The 4 of Wands is a card of harmony, kindness, generosity, celebration, group success, marriage, balance, victory and completion. Traditionally, this is the marriage card represented by the Choopah as the main feature of the image. Symbolically this stands for strength and support while allowing for growth, freedom and movement. It speaks of kindness & warmth, generosity and giving, graciousness and benevolence and hints at the use of resources for the betterment of the community as well as self. Here we see a potluck dinner, a barn raising, fundraisers and other charitable events where like-minded people gather to express gratitude and well wishes.

Being a part of the right group or involved in the right relationship helps us spiritually transcend as we value our individual identity and know that what we contribute adds to the richness of the tapestry of all of life. Having and being aware of a unique, individual and powerful sense of self is inherently important because the strength of the group relies on the congruency of the individual. Without the true strength and endurance of the individual the ‘beam sags and becomes weak’ as stated in the IChing and this endangers the foundation of any endeavor. Here the beams remain strong and firmly planted creating a supportive structure from which to share from.

The number 4 stands for order, substance, form, self-discipline and endurance. Also known as ‘God’s desire to build’, which is Chesed on the Tree of Life, understood as Mercy. The Wands in Tarot are the element of fire and the lightness and stability of the 4 is the perfect container to hold this energy. This is fluid, grounded and excitable all at the same time and allows for balanced enrichment of the mind, body and soul.

This week let’s remember what we add to the group or what we bring to the table of friends, family, loved ones and community. We all bring something, we all add our individual essence, we sacrifice a part of who we are in the cauldron of humanity so we may join others and create something larger than ourselves. This is a coming together in the celebration of life and helping those in need with warmth and compassion, understanding, generosity of time, presence and spirit and mostly with the most precious gift of all. Love.


Have a great week.