The 7 of Wands


Astro Sign: Mars in Leo

Chakra: Root/Brow

Medicinal Herb: Wild Ginger

Archangel: Uriel

Crystals & Stones: Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Hematite, Laboradorite, Malachite, Rhodonite, Turquoise,


Some traditional definitions of the 7 of Wands are standing your grounding, defensiveness, defending a strong position and holding the high ground. The Connolly Tarot 7 of Wands is different in that here we see a traveler instead of someone who stays in one place and defends one area in particular.

The movement reflected in this card is important in the sense that it means it’s not the time for choice making as much as it is a time for experiencing life, freedom, openness and exploration of the territory you find yourself in. There’s seems to be a powerfully curious energy here as well as clarity and awareness of our surroundings. Give yourself time to wander the world and allow reflection to take on an active, fluid quality.

I’m drawn to the clothing here as well. It’s quite casual and comfortable and doesn’t carry the need to ‘dress of success’. This allows for more fun and less pretense. More flow and less rigidity. Feels like some nice comfortable down time, maybe one of my favorites, which is a nice long hike in territory that’s not too strenuous.

This card can also mean that it’s time to just walk away from situations that aren’t working and explore ones that might work in light of previous growth. When walking away be sure to always have some place that you’re going to. Often we can walk away from one situation only to find a similar one a little further down the road. These aren’t lateral moves here we’re looking to go onward and upward so set the goal for a different feeling and way of being. This walking away from the familiar doesn’t look dramatic or painful it feels like the honoring of some wanderlust and a change of scenery.

So it seems this week we’ll be letting the past remain in the past as we take on a bit of our free spirit and do some exploring. This is calm, comfortable and fulfilling with a touch of excitement and openheartedness sans the naivety and confusion.

Have a great week.