The High Priestess – The Halloween Deck, Karin Lee & Kipling West


Astro Sign: Ruled by the Moon

Chakra: Brow/Third Eye

Medicinal Herb: Peony

Archangel: Gabriel/Gabrielle

Crystals & Stones: Emerald, Green Quartz, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Pearl, Snow Quartz


What a wonderful yet challenging energy we hold with the High Priestess. It’s mysterious, fluid, attractive, magnetic, psychic, secretive, abundant and deep. The High Priestess draws us all of us in at one time or another in our lives. She lives in our Soul and uses our psyche as a vehicle for exploration as well as expression. She requires that we direct out attention inward to allow wisdom and deeper knowledge to make it’s way to the conscious mind as awareness and knowing.

Qabalisticly speaking, on The Tree of Life, her domain is the Daath, the place of the last and highest initiation possible. Within the Daath exists exceptionally valuable knowledge and here we experience visions of other lifetimes, powerful connections and truths, which are otherwise unknowable. It’s considered the highest initiation because this is where we meet the darker parts of ourselves and travel to our personal Hades not unlike Persephone in Greek mythology.

Frequently, we’ll see pomegranates symbolized on The High Priestess card because their seeds were known to force the annual return to the underworld. Here we’re halfway through the Dark Knight of the Soul but have not reached the end where we’ll attain the deepest Knowledge possible and access the true secrets of the Universe.

This reveals why one of the most powerful definitions of this card is ‘Secretive’. She understands that very few are ready to use this information wisely and therefore remains silent except for a few well though out words. The Spiritual Path is not for the faint of heart, which is why so few choose to acknowledge it. We’re all walking this path, living it out as physical manifestation but many struggle with seeing through the illusion of the darkness of the their own soul and therefore retreat back into unconsciousness. They go back to sleep so to speak.

Which brings us to another powerful symbol on most High Priestess cards, the light and dark towers that she resides between. After journeying through the High Priestess we’re not so divided and hopefully we reach the highly sought after unity that we’ve striven so diligently for. The towers represent light and dark, order and chaos, all forms of duality that teach us our most valuable lessons in life. It’s the tension between the extremes that allows us to grow and it’s often in our discomfort that we birth our finest moments or higher selves. Understanding comes as a result of confusion combined with the desire for clarity.

So with the High Priestess comes the need to trust your intuition about your personal as well as the absolute truths, independence, receptivity and a powerful feeling of knowing. This knowing is in regards to the famous ‘Know what you Know’ according to your unique life experiences. We swim in these waters and go to these depths so we may learn, change and grow and become more of what we were born to become. With this energy parlor tricks are left behind and we meet our authentic essence, our deepest truths.

Discernment is a powerful tool to have your disposal this week and will serve you in the finest of ways. I truly hope you enjoy your time and travels with the High Priestess even if some of what you find isn’t to your immediate liking. If you utilize her patience and awareness you’ll eventually step to the alter where your crown as a child of the one on the most high awaits your return and longs to find it’s rightful home.

Have a great week.